Pricing Plans

Custom packages, tailored to your needs! Reach out.

All plans include:
Smooth running systems
Security and backups
Coffee and cake
Advanced IT strategy
100% neat organization
Friendly customer support

Security and Maintenance

Per person, per month
For small businesses with straightforward IT requirements who wish to minimize costs where possible.
Unlimited remote support and access to our helpdesk
24/7 Monitoring
Preventive Maintenance
Timely patching your environment and ensuring necessary updates are installed
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Unbeatable Value

Efficiency and Growth

Per person, per month
For organizations who are looking to leverage technology in order to scale at an accelerated pace.
Everything included in 'Security and Maintenance', plus:
Unlimited onsite support for any situation that cannot be tackled remotely
Virtual Chief Information Officer to attend management meetings, monthly
Quarterly technology strategy overview, to leverage new opportunities
Automating processes; reducing human labor
Data analytics and business intelligence
EDR: the most advanced threat recognition system on the market
Disaster Recovery Planning
License Management, asset management and warranty management
Full Microsoft 365 solution
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Accelerates Your Growth

Bespoke Solutions

Per person, per month
We explore your company goals and vision, so we can align it with perfect-fit technology.
Leverage our experience to facilitate long and short-term technology optimizations
Custom consultancy packages
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No, really

This is Lisa, baking your cake

The only thing that's better than our cake is our technology. The only thing we love more than baking cakes, is growing and protecting your business.

we offer low cost it project management services
Productivity increase
IT-safety protocol
Customer retention rate

Common Questions

Can I choose what is included in my package?
If you find some things lacking in a package, or if there are a few items you think you really will not need, give us a call. Our packages are designed to keep it simple and secure for you.

They are put together as a result of years of offering our service and we find them to be a great fit for the vast majority of businesses. However, we understand that every organization is unique.
If your premium package offers more security, is your standard package still safe?
Our basic package offers great ‘standard’ levels of security. It is not the extra mile, but it is certainly a significant amount better than 95% of the organizations out there and it will protect against virtually all untargeted attacks.
What is the pricing on hardware like?
As an established IT provider, we have access to discounted rates from prominent hardware vendors. As a result, going through us often brings you a better deal. Or at the bare minimum; at least as good a deal – however you also benefit from our expertise regarding hardware synergy and the expected lifespan of different products.

For an estimate of hardware costs, get in touch to discuss your vision and requirements.
Can we call you in case our security is currently compromised?
Of course. You should call us immediately, as we can help you mitigate the damage as much as possible. Visit our contact page to give us a call.